The “Casa dei Pittori” (translated: “House of the Painters”) is a late 9th century palace, located in one of the most traditional and artistic quarters of Venice (the “Sestiere” of Santa Croce). Composed of seven magnificent apartments on three different levels, the building has been completely restored preserving the original frescos of the interiors. Casa dei Pittori is located on the corner of the Rio San Giacomo and the Rio Sant’Augustin, two lovely canals in the historical center of Venice.
Two beautiful water doors (Rive d’Acqua), once used to enter the palace directly from the canal, wide and luminous inner courtyards and an original water well, welcome the guests as they enter the Casa de Pittori palace. On the exterior of the building, the marble terraces grab your attention, while the original marble floor and the frescos on the ceilings create a unique atmosphere in the interior of the Casa dei Pittori.